Mobile 101 – Online Order Confirmations

In today’s joined up world digital communications enable business owners to engage, incentivise, reward, inform and analyse its new and existing customers alike.

Incentivising someone to make a purchase in today’s always on, multi-channel, digital world is easy given the amount of channels that you can use to engage your new and existing customers.

Rewarding them for listening, performing a call to action or just for being a new customer and making their first purchase is also an easy thing to do in today’s mobile world.

However, its of paramount importance that you know what your customers are doing, thinking and planning right from the start of a purchase and all the way through to them receiving your goods and then afterwards when they are keen to tell others about their purchases on social media and the like.

One of the easiest and best ways to keep track of a customer during the purchase process, is to add SMS into your website. Asking for your customers mobile number at the checkout point is a great way to be able to communicate with them on a regular basis going forward.

Once a customer places their order on the website and confirms the purchase, you can useMarch 2015 011 their mobile number to inform them that their order has been placed, has been despatched from the warehouse, has arrived at the depot for delivery and then once its been delivered you can inform them what time it was signed for.

Order confirmations are sent in realtime, most websites use a simple application protocol layer (API) behind their website which triggers a prescribed SMS message to the customer in question. Order confirmations can be personalised and time stamped for accurate logistical tracking and reporting.

This means that you engage the customer right after they have made their first purchase and can add in additional marketing communications or create a new flow for them as soon as they spend with you.

The quicker a customer goes into your CRM system and starts to receive your ongoing marketing communications, so the quicker you can begin to gain more revenue from that customer too.

Plus its an efficient and customer friendly way of informing the customer and saves costly time and resources in manning phones or sending out emails.

if your not sending order confirmations, then your missing a trick!



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