Mobile 101 – SMS 2 EMAIL Services

We have all been sent some sort of customer service message to our mobile device asking us to rate an experience or provide more feedback on a product etc.. Traditionally this would be done via email.

SMS is a very useful tool for gaining direct and instant insight but you cant reply with your full, frank and true feelings via an SMS message and you can via email.

Using our SMS2EMAIL or Email2SMS functionality we can take a simple inbound SMS message and convert it in realtime to an email and send to a standard email inbox.

You can send an SMS message up to 612 characters long, and relax as its converted automatically into an email and sent to a recipient’s inbox. The recipient can then reply either to an email address directly or you can set it up so that they can send an email reply which in turn is transfigured into an SMS and lands on the phone as a text message rather than an email. Replies can be sent to a virtual mobile number or to a short code, its really easy to set these up and you can also receive replies direct to your email inbox.

You have the ability to use a sender id, so you can have your company name as the sender if you wish.

This is a really economical way of running customer feedback sessions or transfiguring field sales or field engineers inputs into a system that head office or other parts of your business can look at, read and action.

Running a big promotion on TV or Radio? Expecting a lot of responses to your offer? SMS2Email is perfect for large advertising campaigns due to its ultra effective nature as all responses via SMS go into a preset email inbox, making it easy to manage them and deal with responses etc..

This is a very basic, yet very effective form of mobile marketing and data collection.



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