Getting Started

So your ready to get started on your Unified Communications Journey?


Before you can move forward with your strategy, its important to find a good UC Technology partner to help you on your journey.  You should also be focused on WHY you want to transform your business using Unified Communications technologies.  Below are some typical reasons your business might want to go down the UC route for communications. 

  1. To improve existing processes and procedures
  2. To boost employee productivity
  3. Increase Customer Service processes and automate for greater resource flexibility
  4. streamline IT processes
  5. Increase Customer Data Understanding and automate typical repetitive customer journeys
  6. reduce costs.

Understanding your primary drivers for implementing a UC strategy means you will have a basic understanding of your customers and the channels that they prefer to talk to you on. It will also allow you to research what makes them tick, why are they your customers in the first place? What do they want from you? Are they loyal? How can you make them stay loyal for longer etc.. 

Once you have researched your base and know the reasons why you are looking to add a UC strategy to your business, you can then start to scope out the user journeys you want to achieve. These will be useful when you start to talk with a UC partner. 

Don’t lose sight of the end goals during the project scoping process, UC strategies are only as good as the customer journeys you adopt them to. If the customer journey doesn’t work then your UC strategy will fail to deliver your business requirements in the long term. 

Phase the build and delivery of the solution, over several phases, make sure to perform thorough UAT at each stage to allow you to check that your key initiatives have been hit.

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