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Using SMS to complete website signups..

Have a website? Use mobile to inform or market to your customer base?
Have costly resources either external or internal related to Data Management of new signups via the website?

Cut your database costs by using a WEB TRIGGER API…. this method allows data (usually the mobile number) of the person who signs up via your website to be transfered into your SMS account automatically when someone signs up.

Then the account that recieves the customer data sends an automated response to the customers mobile device asking them to text back to finish their opt in process.

By doing this, they have opted in to recieve your communications and have also joined your mobile programme too. Provided your Privacy Policy is up to date you can then start to use these communication channels to market to your customers.

The automation effectively takes the sign up process from a manual one, where the customer signs up on the website and then at some point the database manager recieves the data of new sign ups from the website, adds these into the database and then about a week later he gives these to the marketing or customer service managers to send them the opt in message… the results of which would be far away from an immiediate response.

At 2ergo we have statistics that tell us that when an automated web trigger is used to send an immiediate SMS to gain opt in over 65% of new sign ups complete the opt in process using their mobile device.

Where a process doesnt use the web trigger process and a seperate SMS message is sent up to a week later, then response rates drop to below 40% in general.

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