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Do you have an Omni – Channel Strategy for your retail business?

As technology advancements in Mobile make it much easier to leverage data streams from your business, so this increased understanding of customer behaviour allows us to leverage the power of online media like Social Media, Video Content and personalised communications before, during and after the sales cycle.

From consumers pulling their phones from their pockets instore to price check what they are stood in front off with a shop miles away (or just round the corner for that matter!), to reading reviews on a product or service and trusting what their friends and peers are saying on social media / review sites, the mobile device allows two way communication whilst leaving a data footprint to be mined for future purchases.

Retailers are looking at their data streams more than ever before and investing significant amounts to capture more of it…whilst this generally allows them to understand their customers, their shopping habits and gives some personalisation to each customer journey, how do you know what data is important and what data is immediately actionable??

Online shopping continues to grow every year with consumers now much more trusting with making purchases online via a mobile device. This gives you the retail business owner the ability to interact with your customers whenever, wherever and whatever the time or place. It’s this plethora of digital resources available to each consumer in the purchase cycle that has led to businesses beginning to operate an Omni-Channel marketing strategy.

Here at So-Mo-Lo we have used cross channel marketing strategies for our clients with mobile at its heart for over 15 years. We were here at the beginning of mobile and we are now part of the cultural revolution that has come to pass over the last 3 years. In the last 3 years the amount of people accessing the internet from a mobile device has increased to the point of overtaking traditional PC internet usage. Interestingly as people access the internet on the go, attitudes to immiediacy have changed too, with 63% of mobile users expect a site to load in 3 seconds or less and 74%  willing to wait only 5 seconds for a site to load before leaving.

*In 2013, mobile phones have overtaken PCs as the most common web access devices worldwide. (Source: Gartner.com)

With this ability to access data and results on the move and quickly has come a plethora of opportunities for retailers and brands, gone are the days of a consumer looking in the newspaper for a good deal or offer, going are the days of people trawling through sites on the internet to get a bargain as more and more people use their everyday mobile device on the go for local searches, product reviews, social media interaction etc…

Imagine what you could do for your brand or business with access to your customers browsing and shopping habits in realtime!? With 5x more mobile devices than PCs in the world today its staggering to imagine what retailers did to entice people to shop with them before mobile came along! Add to this that 9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to an action and more than 55% lead to a sale you can begin to understand how powerful a channel mobile is and its ability to integrate with any and all of your other marketing channels make it the future of retail commerce.

Here at So-Mo-Lo we have statistics that show that when a brand uses SMS to reach is customers mobile outperforms online by 4x’s more on key metrics like Brand Favourability, Brand Awareness and purchase intent.

So if your not using your mobile channel effectively and inconjunction with your overall marketing strategy then what are you waiting for? Its not enough to just rely on your website, or traditional media, or even sending out occasional SMS with a call to action. Your simply just waiting by the riverbank with your rod waiting for a fish to come to you… (and we have already said that we as a culture dont like waiting!!)

No.. its clear that the old adage that DATA IS KING still applies today more than ever before and the simple reason is that technological advances in the way we engage with each other are giving us access to more and more data on each other. Social Media allows us to fill servers full of data on what we like, what we dont like, (who we dont like), our favourite pizzas etc… and no one is asking us to do it, we are just putting it out their for the world to see as an affect of our interaction with our peers.

But… if we can leverage that data and use it to target our consumers with relevant offers, which can go as deep as sending the offers on a given time and day, a date each month or a deal a day which we know that consumer will like because they told us so the last time they went online, or went shopping or used a voucher instore, used their loyalty card etc… then would this help us to increase footfall and revenue??

If they recieved this information straight to their mobile device would this increase footfall and revenue either to a bricks and mortar store or our online presence? The answer to both is YES of course it would…

15 % of people use their mobile phone to help them while shopping, with 79% of these making a purchase as a result and mobile coupons receive 10x higher redemption rates than print coupons. 95% of smartphone users have used their phone to look up local information. After doing so, 61 % called and 59 % visited. Imagine if that 59% had recieved a mobile coupon or voucher as a freebie to use when they visited the store? Wow powerful eh?


In recent mobile led campaigns So-Mo-Lo performed for Guinness in the Rep of Ireland 16% of mobile phone users made a purchase because of a marketing message / coupon they received to their phone during the Six Nations Rugby Tournament.

More recently we have increased footfall for the brand at the recent Masters Tournament as part of their brand engagement around the sport of Golf.

If your not making the most of your consumer data and you think mobile consists of text messaging and an app of some description, then you need to give us a call today then we can get down to business and increase your footfall and revenue.

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