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Mobile #101 – Essential Guide to Using Mobile Marketing (series post)

Post 8 of 12 – Choosing a Mobile Partner

So far in this series we have talked about the things you need to consider when looking to establish your mobile strategy. We have read about the types of things you can do to link your mobile strategy into your existing business goals. I have spoken about how to use the mobile channel to enhance your existing communications and sales channels and we have read how to test our organisation’s understanding of what mobile can do for our business.

We know our mobile strategy can be scalable and should fit into our over arching marketing plan and we are ready to move onto choosing a mobile partner.

Start by doing your research and shortlisting mobile partners based on their capabalities and sector expertise. Consider if they provide a holistic approach or specialise in specific types of technologies or solutions. Your chosen partner should work with you and your business to understand the companies objectives and advise appropriate solutions.

The next question to ask is how will they do this beyond the initial sales staff? Are they really consultative with well defined processes to engage and understand?

Do these processes actually engage the right part of your business ensuring a well balanced understanding?

Next you need to know what they offer in both knowledge and product functionality across the key elements of the customer lifecycle.  How can they help you at each stage from targeting and acquiring new customers through to growth and retention strategies.

Customer Lifecycle Generic

Next you need to know that they offer a full suite of mobile marketing solutions, these may be sector specific solutions or in some cases the partner in question may just offer technology and expect you to have a certain amount of infrastructure to go around it.

An effective end to end solution provider will cover all aspects of mobile marketing including database management, customer acquisition, loyalty and mobile commerce. They will have a deep understanding on how to apply this thinking to individual business sectors and will be able to illustrate their recommendations using previous examples which they have implemented.

If a specific type of technology is employed to create, for example, a retail voucher redemption solution, then how does this integrate with your EPOS, database and possibly loyalty card vendors, can is support high volume redemption and customer interaction, will it offer service availability levels conducive to my business demands?

A professional mobile marketing solutions business will be able to evidence a clearly defined consultancy process. A good mobile partner will have a suite of professional mobile marketing solutions and services and I will talk through this in more detail in the next post in this series.






Mobile #101 – Essential Guide to Mobile Marketing (Series Post)

Part 2 of 12 

How can I take advantage of mobile marketing and link it to my strategic business goals?

The starting point is understanding your customers and their behaviours. Until you know how your customers will react with your company or brand via mobile devices, you wont be in a position to develop a strategy that meets your business objectives.

A common mistake made by businesses is to start with the technology first and then wrestle it into something that resembles a solution to a business problem. A new Mobile App might sound like a good idea for your business but you need to look beyond the technology. By understanding your customers behaviour on their mobile device you will generally find that you can only really engage with them if you have a mixed proposition across several different channels.

Think about the key attributes that the mobile channel gives you… its personalised, portable, immediate, ubiquitous and trackable.



of consumers feel a coupon is the most valuable form of mobile marketing



of consumers would consider ending their relationship with a retailer/brand if they are not given tailor-made, relevant content and offers


Look at the latest industry statistics and do some research into your database to begin to understand your customers and where they fit into your mobile strategy.

For more specifics on this particular topic see some of my other posts on this site or give me a call or email me at scott.threlfall@eagleeye.com



Choosing your Mobile Marketing platform provider

When you start to choose your mobile marketing platform you will be faced with a number of different choices, there are bulk sms providers who have web based platforms that can provide you with cheap messaging rates for outbound messaging but dont offer an opt out function or inbound responses.

There are also some sms marketing agencies, who use an agregator platform to run their sms campaigns but have to pass the extra cost on to the customer and most still dont offer opt out functionality as standard.

Then there are the aggregators themselves, who own the platform technology your using, have opt out functionality as standard and also have inbound response functionality across a number of other mobile message types like MMS for instance.

One of the best I have worked with is the Campaign Manager Platform from 2ergo plc, one of the countrys biggest mobile aggregators. Campaign Manager is a fully convergent marketing platform and offers the user outbound / inbound SMS, email, vouchers and has optional Mobile Site creation functionality too.  It also has smart messaging technology, to allow the user to set several different responses to each mobile message they send and can manage responses based on a bespoke dynamic logic system.

The platform is built to global standards and operates in many countries around the globe and has automatic opt out functionality via subscription groups as standard.

Message throughput is good and downtime is less than 0.027 % this year, they are also ISO 27001 certified and campaign manager operates on a secure https domain.

Below is a video of Campaign Manager in action;

If you would like to arrange a demo for your company, please fill out the form below and click submit and someone from 2ergo will call you back to discuss your needs.