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Using Mobile to Interact with your clients..

Interactive text messaging enables you to engage with an audience by encouraging them to text in a short-code to receive a variety of information. Imagine growing loyalty by asking customers to
take part in valuable feedback on their recent home purchase or rental, or enhancing your current advertising by prompting prospective buyers and renters to text in a keyword for a free property estimate or a month’s free rent. These are just a few of the ways that businesses are taking advantage of the shift in consumer behavior regarding the use of mobile phones as a way of life.
It’s also a great way to build your mobile database, and allows
consumers to opt-in to your mobile marketing campaigns.

Why should I have a mobile website?

80% of Smartphone owners regularly access the internet via their phone. Chances are, before long a potential buyer or renter will try and access a traditional website via their mobile to view listings and look at property pictures. If your website is not optimised for mobile, your customers will receive a clumsy, unformatted experience. Research shows when consumers are faced with this, they simply click away to one that is formatted for mobile. With So-Mo-Lo, we can create an m-site for your business in a matter of hours. It can include your branded logo, the location of your business, information on properties and contact information.
We’ll even reserve a mobile URL that will be recognised as an m-site on smartphones, which will give you a higher relevance listing on search engines!

How much is too much?

People these days expect to receive information on their mobile devices, but they may not be so pleased to hear from you if your messages start to become too regular. We recommend contacting
buyers and renters not more than once per month with information (unless there is an urgent matter that needs immediate attention). For the majority of property companies, one message per month is enough to keep tenants up to date with information. However, for property buyers, you may want to ask if they wish to receive alerts to homes that fit their requirements and budget.

Protecting your client data

The final thing to consider before you embark on an SMS campaign is: who should manage your mobile marketing? Who in your business should be given the responsibility of maintaining your client database and ensuring the right messages are sent to the right people? In truth, there is only really one answer to this question. Your client contact database, in particular the mobile numbers it contains should be highly protected. Only the company management and authorized personnel should be able to access this and they should have the final say on the content of messages and when and who will receive them.