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Is M-Commerce the Future of Mobile interaction?

This is a three part post. In it, we will try and show why m-commerce is the future of mobile interaction from a consumer perspective and a retailer engagement one.

Mobile Interaction – Introduction – Part One

“By 2014 more people will use a Mobile Device to get online than PC’s..  (Gartner Research 2012)”

In terms of the technological age, mobile has been quickly adopted in comparison to other great inventions of equal or more significant importance. It took Alexander Graham Bell nearly 30 years to see his telephone invention of 1875 becoming widely adopted in America when AT & T created the first transcontinental telephone service in 1915.  John Logie Baird’s TV invention first built in 1925 took over a quarter of a century to be even 70% part of consumers general home life, due to costs, early development issues, the 2nd world war etc..

Mobile has become the fastest adopted technology ever seen, in less than 15 years since the first heavily commercialised mobile phones were released for public consumption many countries have mobile penetration levels well over 100%, meaning in most cases people have at least 2 devices.

The types of consumer facing mobile programs you can run has advanced to a level where you can register for a program as a new mum and receive texts each week for the duration of your babies infant years detailing how your baby should be developing and how to deal with certain issues as they occur, like nappy rash for instance.

You can use your mobile device as a communication method, to blog your friends, to access the internet, to switch on your heating at home, to talk to your Sky box and record your favourite programs, as a TV of sorts, play games, as a payment device for small purchases and in ever increasing regularity as a redemption device against larger purchases.

It will only be a matter of time before you can carry your phone and pay for everyday purchases almost as you would with a debit card.

It would seem the only thing you can’t do yet with your phone is open your front door and even that won’t be the case for much longer!

Look out for our next post on this subject when we look at the role the Consumer (thats me and you!) plays in the growth of m-commerce.