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Maybe Apple should find a way to be the best thing in your bathroom

It’s hard when you imagine yourself as the hottest thing on the block, when in reality you’re viewed rather low-down in the pecking order. For many this probably isn’t a concern, after all, it takes a special type of company to have delusions of grandeur. But, if there was going to be a company to fill that post, it’d be Apple.

The Californian tech-giant that produces brushed-steel desirables has found itself below the likes of British Airways, BBC, Microsoft, Google and Andrex in a recent consumer poll of brand popularity.

It’s certainly a telling sign when it’s positioned below it’s competitors, but even more damning when businesses that have seen a lot of negative attention recently rise above Apple’s shiny exterior. But, this is a consumer survey on brand loyalty, and it looks that most would happily defect from Apple to Microsoft. However, Samsung – Apple’s biggest competitor in the smartphone market – comes in even lower, not making the top 20.

The survey, carried out across a selection of 3,000 adults, placed British Airways as their number one, with Rolex appearing at the second place position. Personally I’m a little confused as to who they decided to survey, as Rolex may be a prevalent brand, but how many people are actually loyal enough to them, let alone own one?

“Apple and the other tech giants have suffered, with Apple particularly struggling to meet arguably unrealistic high expectations,” said Superbrands council chairman Stephen Cheliotis. “It is increasingly clear that in the short-term at least, Apple is struggling to maintain its enviable innovation record in the eyes of consumers while failing to inspire individuals without its hugely influential leader, the late Steve Jobs.”

And that’s quite true, since Job’s has left the business many have flocked to other brands that seem to be innovating and taking risks far more than Apple are. But with the likes of the recent scandals around the BBC, Coca-Cola’s lack of response to Winter Olympic host Russia’s homophobic attitude, and various issues with Microsoft’s Windows 8.1, consumers still rank those higher than Apple.

Here’s the list of the top 20 brands:

  1. British Airways
  2. Rolex
  3. Coca-Cola
  4. BBC
  5. Heinz
  6. Microsoft
  7. Google
  8. Gillette
  9. Kellogg’s
  10. BMW
  11. Cadbury
  12. Andrex
  13. Amazon.co.uk
  14. Apple
  15. Boots
  16. Nike
  17. Sony
  18. Marks & Spencer
  19. Shell
  20. Mercedes-Benz

Source: Vaughn Highfield – Total Customer.org