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Mobile Marketing for Small Business – A Guide…

Did you know?

“Amongst the top 10 business users of SMS are recruitment agencies, clubs and bars, internet service providers, couriers, hair salons, dentists and charities.”

Where can mobile marketing take my small business??

The question is where can’t it take your company? From increasing communications with your clients on a first name basis, to sending them targeted coupons or offers using LBS lookup services to hit their phones when it matters, you can count on mobile to be at the cutting edge of technology for years to come.

7 million Brits now access the internet on their mobile every day; this is a huge amount of people who are happy to surf on their mobile instead of their PC. That’s one huge potential shop window you can market your products and services to. If they go on the internet on their phones, then they will want other experiences too, like MMS or App development to give them the next level in the business / customer relationship.

Companies using Mobile as a way of communicating on a one to one, personal basis found that they get a 21% increase in responses. (Source: MDA)

We send over 11 million text messages every hour in the UK every day, your customers are already frighteningly familiar with this channel and what’s even more interesting is that they understand it. They expect to receive offers and service information via their mobiles, they expect it to be personalized where possible and they expect it to be relevant to them…. In short they are extremely savvy users who demand a good user experience.

They also know what they have or haven’t asked for and understand the concept of permission based communications – this means that you have to have their permission or you will lose them as a customer faster than any other complaint they could have about your business.

In short, if you AREN’T USING MOBILE as part of your marketing strategy then you are behind your competitors and need to embrace the future of digital communications.


In this series, I will look at the benefits to each type of small business, focusing on the type of SMS marketing that you can do for your type of clientele.

Good Luck!