Cleansing your SMS Customer Data

In this post we will look at how you can quickly and easily cleanse your SMS database and keep your text marketing communications healthy and engaging.

Most businesses have mobile numbers as part of the data they hold on the customer. Again, most businesses will utilize these numbers sending marketing messages, retention messages or texts with rewards in them as part of a loyalty campaign.

Over time however, this data like any other customer data becomes corrupted, old or just plain incorrect, as customers move house, change numbers, hand their phone to a relative etc…

Even if your sending more than one message per month to your customers, have an opt out process in place and regularly check your reports for failed and pending messages, you ultimately need to cleanse your data every 6 months to ensure your making the most of your live database.

In today’s digital age using simple text messages to acquire, retain and engage your customer base is a key component of growing revenue within you business.

You can use SMS in every part of the customer communication path, from just saying hi, to more complicated text conversations with complex call to actions that allow the customer to make decisions whilst saving you time and money on resources.

Maintaining the quality of your mobile data is key to a successful mobile strategy for your business. Doing this regularly can increase your engagement and lower needless marketing spend.

Its a simple process to run and can be performed very quickly and easily leaving you with a file of processed “live” numbers and a file of “dead” numbers for you to take out of your CRM.

Ask yourself if your business can afford not to do it!




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