Mobile 101 – SMS for the Contact Center

Decrease hold times and give your customers a better experience by integrating SMS text messaging into your multi-channel UC solution. You can also save your client’s money with shorter call times and fewer support calls by executing money saving tools like SMS outbound queuing and maintain strong customer relationships.

Decrease hold times |

Save money with fewer support calls |

Improve & maintain the customer experience |

In this post we are going to look at how you can utilize SMS in the customer life-cycle of a contact center environment. Traditionally, Call Centers are reluctant / lack internal resource to change or simply dont have the continuity of systems to embrace a fully automated SMS solution.

For the few that have business continuity throughout their software, the use of SMS can be highly effective.  Some examples of SMS use within the insurance world for instance include receiving a text message within so many days of the date of your

010insurance renewal which if you don’t respond to within several days of receiving it, triggers an customer email for the same purpose to get you to renew. If you do nothing with the email then your number will go into the auto dialler for the renewals team who will call you until you give in or tell them your going elsewhere. This process can be made seamless.

Another great use of SMS in the Contact Center world is in the Debt Management industry. SMS is great for reminders to customers, like payment due reminders, payment overdue reminders, contact us to discuss your finance plans etc… All these types of communications can be fully automated around traditional call center technology, like the auto dialler.   No matter if the contact center staff make the first call and then trigger a missed call SMS to the customer handset asking them to text back a suitable time for them to call again. Or if the customer rings in and is on hold you could send them a text message to get them to tell you when the best time to call them back is and save them waiting  on the phone.

64% of consumers would give a big thumbs up to a business that offered text messaging as a customer support method.

  • SMS saves you money on every call
  • Don’t leave them hanging… keep customers happy
  • 81% of all consumers find it frustrating to be tethered to a phone or computer while waiting for customer service help.
  • Deploying money-saving tools like SMS outbound queuing allows you to maintain strong customer relationships.
  • Notify customers via text message when a customer support rep is available and decrease average hold time.

If your call center environment has a current SMS solution in place, its worthwhile looking at updating its functionality every couple of years.

If you aren’t using SMS as part of your customer acquisition, retention or loyalty programs then its time you did!! Over 70% of your customer base see SMS as their preferred communication method and 93% of millennials expect to be contacted via text on a regular basis.

If your looking to upgrade your existing contact center solutions or just want to have a no obligation chat, then give me a call or email me..



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