Mobile 101 – Using SMS for Acquisition

Today’s millennial’s spend on average 8.4 hrs. per day  consuming digital media. texting, downloading, streaming, blogging and tweeting to all and sundry about life, love and anything else in between.

As well as communicating across a plethora of channels, these millennial’s also expect toxmas4 be communicated to across these same channels.  Receiving information, offers, rewards and alerts across the very channels they use everyday.

A retail business has a global audience via its web, mobile and bricks and mortar offerings and today’s consumers are more ready than ever to purchase across all three. Your customers often shop on-line to avoid visiting your physical store but they are also likely to be seen in your physical store on their mobile device price checking similar products at your competitors stores before deciding to make a purchase decision.

This gives the retailer more opportunities than ever before to communicate with old and new customers alike at every step of the purchasing life-cycle.

xmas 5Mobile is the only marketing channel that is truly ubiquitous, it works as a standalone marketing channel or as part of an Omni-Channel strategy. For instance when a potential customer visits your Facebook page, you can use a simple mobile short code and keyword to get people to text in to receive an offer for signing up to your website or making their first purchase with you.

You can engage customers in your store asking them to text in to a short-code to join a rewards club or sign up on-line and then you can engage them with offers and information via email, SMS or Social Media.

You can utilise iBeacons and send an offer to a consumer as they enter your store or offer free WiFi in-store and then when a consumer logs in you can send them a real time SMS offering them a discount or money off a purchase right now.


Using SMS to acquire new customers is a quick and easy way to increase sales, grow your database and encourage communications with a customer. If your not doing it, your missing out on a multi – million revenue generator each year in the UK.

Good Luck!!




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