Mobile #101 – Essential Guide to Using Mobile Marketing (Series Post)

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Questions to ask your Mobile Strategy provider…

Just as you challenge your internal functions, it is essential that your mobile provider understands your business objectives too.

Challenge them to see what they understand and what they dont, while assessing their ability to pick up and translate the information that you give them.

A good partner will challenge you, pose searching questions or even prompt you to reconsider your aims and objectives.

A supplier must offer genuine channel agnostic consultancy because more often than not, the solution offered by most suppliers is derived from their technical capabilities and dressed to meet your business needs.

How can you ensure that my mobile strategy is scalable?

Scalability is important because mobile strategies can cross international boundaries and investment can be flexed around the results achieved.

The starting point is to look at mobile marketing not just as a single product. Its a way of interacting with customers and can involve many different types of solution – acquisition, loyalty, transactional, content, behavioural, events driven and social.

Other questions you need to ask are based around the types of solutions your potential mobile partner can deliver.

Do they offer a full suite of mobile solutions? Do they offer sector specific mobile solutions? Do they have a self service platform or a managed service? Is their technology their own? Is their mobile platform scalable for increases in volume?

These types of questions will lead you to understand exactly what a vendor can and can’t do for you. Once you have discussed the operational and technical side of a vendor, you can begin to discuss the key aspect of any mobile partner which is how much knowledge do they have?

In my next post I will talk about the level of knowledge and consultancy service you should expect from your mobile partner.



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