Mobile #101 – Essential Guide to Mobile Marketing (Series Post)

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Does my organisation fully understand mobile marketing and what it can do for my business?  Have we tested our understanding?

There is a vast majority of organisations that don’t fully understand mobile so you’re not alone if you’re unsure about the level of knowledge in your business.  Mobile Marketing is still relatively new and even the organisations that are delivering great returns from adopting mobile will admit its merely the start of a journey.

Mobile Marketing uses a wide range of technologies, from mobilising your web-site and smartphone apps to multi-channel messaging and voucher redemption – all with many different technology permutations.

Some vendors specialise in single channels whereas others offer a more holistic approach and can provide advice on all aspects of mobile technology. And again, don’t just consider the technology, you need to look at the personal nature of your customer interaction; the consumer experience, feel and journey. Understanding consumer insight behaviours, expectations, dislikes and preferences, is important and unlike on-line, telephone or catalogue, the mobile channel offers you a much more personal connection with your customer.

You should also avoid simply replications what a competitor has done or assume that expertise exists internally – the likelihood is it may not.

If you have a very basic understanding of what mobile can do for your business, it always pays to speak to a provider that can offer the widest possible advice.

Your provider should have a strong client base, be a mobile technology provider with its own technology and have a strong knowledge base to be able to work with you to create a multi – channel mobile strategy.

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