Mobile #101 – Essential Guide to Mobile Marketing ( Series Post)

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How can mobile marketing compliment and enhance my existing communication and sales channels?

No channel operates in isolation and a good mobile strategy is no different. Your customers want to engage with you seamlessly whether they order online, buy in store or simply want to browse your product range.

They will generally want to engage with you on their terms at times to suit them, regardless of the channel of choice.  Of course all of these channels can be effective in isolation but, when combined and used in a single campaign, offer incredibly powerful opportunities to interact with your customers.

They can drive buying behaviours, increase brand value, help you sell more, churn less and offer an “always available” customer journey.

An integrated mobile strategy will work hard for a brand or organisation. Understanding the dynamics of a multi channel customer model with the unique advantages of mobile, such as Location Based Services (LBS), to compliment effective below – the – line CRM driven marketing can drive remarkable results.

The 5 elements of a good mobile strategy are critical in a) developing the channel b) increasing revenues across that channel, c.) integrating the channel into your regular marketing communications.

  • Customer Knowledge
  • Appealing Value Proposition
  • Development of Creative/Assets
  • Promotion Strategy
  • Reporting and Evaluations

As we go through the above list and begin to plan our strategy around the mobile channel, we also need to remember the 5 reasons why mobile is the best channel on the planet for gaining attention, delivering instant results, adding value and real time reports.

These are;

  • Personalised – Mobile is a highly personal channel due to the nature of the device,   when I get a text with my name on it, it becomes even more personal to me.
  • Portable – Carry it anywhere.
  • Immediate – Send and receive instant messages and responses
  • Ubiquitous – There are over 6 billion mobile device users in the world
  • Trackable – Everything about the channel is trackable from who the device belongs to, what messages they received / sent / replied to etc..

By understanding the elements that make the mobile channel tick, you can begin to put together a mobile strategy and work towards convergence with your existing channels over time.








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