Why you should add In app advertising to your marketing strategy this year…

A recent stat by Juniper research estimated that over 2,4 billion dollars was spent on in app advertising in 2013 and will rise to over 10 billion dollars by 2017.

Consumers want advancements in technology to improve their leisure experience. They want to be able to do more with less.. and take more from the experience too.

With so many mobile apps available only those with an engaging user experience will stand the user acid test and gain some sort of following.

Once you have a user base and a rewarding experience for them, then you can begin to monetize your app. One of the best ways of doing this is to focus on in app advertising. However dont make the mistake of throwing some banner ads up on your app and expecting them to generate revenue because mobile advertising is about recognising that there is a consumer journey when interacting with an app and depending on the app this will differ from one to another.

Many marketers struggle to understand in app advertising or more importantly struggle to understand the types of creative you can use and how the ad units available have evolved over the last few years.

Think about the last app you used? How did you engage with the content? What was your entry point and how did that lead you to your engagement phase? Finally what was your exit point? Why did you exit?

Obviously its in the engagement phase that mobile advertising will be at its most prolific. Getting advertising right during the engagement phase is crucial. Statistics show that consumers are put off by ads that greatly affect their user experience.

Thats why its so important to choose your ad types correctly for your type of audience and level of engagement. Try targeting users with Video Ads, Interstitials or In App alerts as well as traditional banners and see what works for you and your customers.

Whilst some people would argue that mobile apps have peaked and some businesses are putting their eggs in mobile site development using HTML 5 etc.. its fair to say that ther level of functionality and technology available in apps is still quite far advanced compared to mobile web development.

And with over 90% of all downloaded apps “FREE” then you can see that in order to monetize your app you need to consider the benefits of in app advertising.

Here at So-Mo-Lo we have our white label Mobile Loyalty and Rewards app that works with our unique contactless technology Podifi which allows you to reward your customers and more importantly keep them engaged.

With several ad unit options within the app to help you generate ongoing revenue as well… can you afford not to speak with us today??

For more info on Mobile Apps contact So-Mo-Lo today…


One thought on “Why you should add In app advertising to your marketing strategy this year…”

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