Take your Mobile Marketing to the next level in 2014!

If your using text messaging as part of your marketing strategy, you will no doubt understand the types of text messages you can send, but you may not have an SMS system that can perform to the highest standards and give you visibility of your channel spend.

Or you may find yourself due to renew and existing SMS platform contract and want to know what else is out there… either way, you need to know all about the latest and best Mobile Marketing techniques in order to stay ahead of your competitors.

If your serious about Mobile Marketing and you want to generate more revenue / customer interaction through it this year, then read on…..

Lets review everything we told you during 2013 across your mobile channels;

Choosing your Mobile Partner

Choose a Mobile Partner who can grow your ability to target customers in real time….

Standard SMS Messaging

How to get started with Mobile Marketing – best practice introduction….

MMS Messaging

Pictures speak a thousand words….

Premium Rate Messaging

Content driven messaging used in conjunction with a loyal customer base can provide a steady income…..

Advanced SMS Messaging

Why not trigger the correct response message from hundreds of possible responses on an individual basis…..

And it doesnt stop there… Mobile Marketing can offer you a plethora of other services such as…..

Mobile Site Poll / Survey Data Capture Campaigns

And you can utilise the mobile channel in conjuction with any other channel that forms part of your convergent marketing strategy. Use Email, Voice Services or Online marketing channels in conjunction with mobile and get instant communication and responses from your customers.

So whatever you plan on doing marketing wise in 2014, make sure mobile forms part of your strategy and give us a call on 0161 874 4222 or find us online at http://www.so-mo-lo.co.uk

Happy New Year from all at So-Mo-Lo and Good Luck with your comms in 2014!!!



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