Direct Engagement via Mobile

Encouraging direct engagement from your customers allows them to respond to messages and provide an attractive return on investment. The best sectors for a direct engagement strategy for mobile is Entertainment, Retail and Finance using mobile in this way across these 3 sectors provides a high ROI in comparison to other channels.

If we take an average benchmark of 14% for communications across other channels for these 3 sectors then we see an uplift using mobile of at least 3% (Retail), 7% (Finance) and 10% (Entertainment). Using instructive content with a specific call to action allows you to drive behaviour to get the result you need.

The key part of a direct engagement strategy using mobile is that you can get an immiediate response to your message, usually within the first 3 minutes thereby confirming what we know about the mobile channel, that its easier to read with messaging than any other channel.

Operational content, customer service messages, renewal or impending call to action messages all increase responsiveness of a campaign where mobile is used with more marketing driven content like that used by retail, betting and the entertainment industry more offer based and therefore less in need of an immiediate response.

Where mobile messaging is used in the finance and travel sectors there is as much as a 15% extra response rate where the communications are part of a customer service or operational strategy. In fact the the more engaging the content; the more proactive behaviour users will display!

So the figures tell us that if your not using mobile messaging as part of your operational strategy for customer service messages and the like, then you aren’t getting anywhere near the engagement or responsiveness from your customers that your competitors are.

Make the decision to add mobile to your communications list and you wont look back!!

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