Advanced SMS Campaigns

If you have ever thought that an SMS campaign wouldnt be of benefit to you and your business due to the intricacies of your consumer business needs then think again!!

SMS is one of the easiest channels to use for Dynamic Logic based campaigns, using simple text based scripts or lookup tables you can trigger the correct response message from hundreds of possible responses on an individual basis.

For example, you may decide that you will encourage your customers to join a program to recieve weekly updates and offers for your products or services. This program will be a month long program for five weeks and is  free to join and each person who joins will start the program with the first weeks message regardless of what day in the month they join.

This means your campaign will run for a maximum of two months as people who text into the program at the end of the target month will recieve the first weeks message and start the program from scratch.


The program runs throughout October and I can sign up via a short code and keyword at any point throughout this month (1st – 31st) this means that even if I sign up on the final day of October, then I will start the program and recieve my first weekly message. This means then that I will recieve my last message in the last week of November.
If I have your personal details like your first name or your account number etc, I can personalise aspects of the SMS messages your recieving, to give you even more relevant content.

If there is a particular format of messages required or if the messages are to be sent out in sync, then a simple logic based campaign will do the trick.

If you require a customer to text in a response like age so you can then verify that they are eligible for the content your about to send them, you can use a dynamic script or Smart messaging product to do that. Once your age is confirmed, then you can set up further messages based on the outcome… i.e.. if under age send “Not eligible” message and if correct age send “eligible” message.

If you want to send someone a message that has a time limit on it and have an expiry message set up to send to the customer if they try and join a program and arent succesful then you can do this and in the process send them on a different journey too.

SMS is the most versatile marketing channel around, it allows multiple responses, logic based responses, age verification, automated opt in and opt out programs, subscription programs, dyamic time based messages sent at multiple times of the day and much, much more!!

So.. if you think SMS isnt capable of meeting your business needs… THINK AGAIN!



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