Improve your CTA by adding landing pages into your SMS campaign

When it comes to SMS marketing, if you want a good response to your message, you need to give some value. If your asking the customer to perform a call to action (CTA) then you need to come up with something that is creative and that adds value in order to get them to part with that response.

Given that SMS messaging generally only allows 160 characters per message, without going concatenated, the use of a mobile landing page can allow you to have much more information in your SMS campaigns.

Mobile Landing pages can be single pages containing data capture fields like the one in figure 1 below; or they can be 4 or 5 page mobile websites, complete with ts & cs, privacy and even product pages as an extention to your online presence.

The first thing you need to do when you start to look at creating your own mobile site or using landing pages is what do you want to achieve from it?  Do you need a mobile site and if so why? If you can answer these questions positively then you next need to decide if you would like to hire a company to build you a mobile site or if you believe you have the in house team to do it yourself what software provider you will use.

There are a lot of Mobile Site building tools out there, the only differences between the best and the worst of these are price, consistency and functionality.  One of the best mobile site builder software on the market is Mobile Site Builder from 2ergo.

With multiple page creation, custom functions such as colour pallette,   video and image integration, RSS feed integration, data capture and survey forms to name just a few, you can build a 4 page mobile site including data capture in just 20 minutes once your familiar with the tool. See promo video below;

Once you have succesfully chosen a software supplier, then you next need to decide what the purpose of the experience is and write down what your requirements for the site content will be.  Once you have this requirement then you can start to build your mobile presence and make the most of each of your mobile campaigns going forward.

If you would like to arrange a demo for your company, please fill out the form below and click submit and someone from 2ergo will call you back to discuss your needs.



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